A Puppy’s Purpose

Spirit messenger 

During moments of doubt, fury, exhaustion, loneliness, I have had the honor of having a being to bear witness to my life. I love when he sends messages to me with those curious sounds and big brown eyes. Of course, he’s saying ‘feed me’ or ‘pet me’ or ‘I’d rather have my food in a glass bowl rather than a paper plate’. But there are other times when I know he communicates many important messages from Universe/God…such messages as: You are loved. You are not alone. You are protected and guided by a divine higher power. When you are lonely, weary, overwhelmed by life’s burdens, I am here.

He quickly learned the difference between I need to feel his presence in the room from afar versus when I need to feel his warmth in my lap. He watches my back when I traverse into unknown territory, searching for the latest butterfly or rare flower. He stands guard over the house with pride and power of a Great Dane and I always humbly thank him for his loyalty. There have been many nights where I was only able to sleep due to his presence- whispering comfort and hope with subtle breath and a gentle stare.

Connection > Competition

“The dog, being part of a pack from birth is more family orientated than other animals and will often step aside to let others shine. ” Cairo teaches me about how working well in teams means letting people be good at what they’re good at (trust), allowing for errors and recovery (patience), and motivating people towards the greater good (love).


Finally, with their strong sense of community, the dog spirit also offers stamina when one feels like giving up. Not only helping us to endure the hard times life may bring but they also help reveal the more childlike aspects of our nature, presence, playfulness; that which hasn’t been sullied by the ‘real world’ and the harsh realities of human nature. This style of loving and living also provides stamina and endurance to our long-term relationships. Cairo has never given up on me and that is something that may seem silly to think or to type but it’s true and it’s love.

For this, I am grateful to have such a brilliant light named Cairo as one of my spirit guides in this lifetime. 

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