Intuitive Eating in Tulum

Tulum Vivo!

Following my intuition has yet to lead me astray in life. I follow that same instinct when it comes to food. If you’ve been following Open Wide Nena, a gastronomy, food and culture podcast I co-host with Frankie, you already know that I mostly adhere to an ayurvedic diet. This diet has led to profound positive effects on my mental, emotional, physical health. I’ve found that it supports my overarching goal in life which is to be utterly and completely in alignment with what is best for my heart. In short, I eat intuitively, which means I actively integrate instinct, emotion, and rational thought when making food choices. Such style led me to this dazzling, new restaurant in my hometown: Tulum, Mexico!

What do we have here?

Chilaquiles with Sun-Baked tortillas + Raw Veggies Salsa + Beets & Ginger Detox Batido

Not only was I welcomed with a warm ambiance, some sultry music, a hammock that tempted me to take a midday nap (because why not), but I was also invited to meet the chef. He was open hearted, thorough, and kind. We spoke about the flavors, seasonings and ways to incorporate fresh ingredients and heartiness in meals without adding meats, preservatives or other processed foods. This restaurant also offers an array of fresh fruit smoothies, batidos, detox shots, and more. It was a beautifully sunny day in Mexico, just hot enough to make you grateful for a gentle breeze or a cold, icy beverage filled with nutrients and packed with juicy flavor. This is the life I’ve dreamed of. One where I can trust my instincts to lead me to places where the juices are bright and vibrant, where the chefs are open-hearted and proud of their work, where the food tastes like home, feels like yes, smells like come back for more.

Chef Jose started as a dishwasher and later responded to the call to get involved with making food. For him, cooking comes easy as it is part of his lifestyle and culture. He shared that they sun bake the tortillas for a day before they fry them. The care and attention is evident in the flavor. I’m so grateful for the time we shared in la cocina together.

This lifestyle of intuitive eating led me to develop an affinity for this new restaurant. Within my first few weeks of living in the town, I’ve visit numerous times. Each time my heart is even more grateful and my belly smiles that ‘I told you so’ smile. If you plan to visit, tell them you heard it from Auric Experience. To get there, search for Tulum Centro, Col Huracanes , Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico (they’re so new, they don’t have a website yet) :-).

Be among the first to try it, then thank me later!

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