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Certified Yoga Instructor | Corporate & Teens Wellness Coach | Gastronomy Writer

All About Auri

Auri is a proud Costeña of Southern California and graduate of Hampton University. During her 10-year career in the youth justice/education sector, she found an impenetrable need and passion for wellness as means of embodying liberation. Read this article to learn about her personal journey to yoga.

Auri is a certified 200-hour yoga instructor, meditation guide, certified Reiki I practitioner. She has led yoga and meditation practices for corporations, community organizations, school-age students, and adult individuals of all shapes, sizes, abilities and mental states.

Balancing ease with effort, Auri works on activating that beautiful, innate creative fire and reconnecting her clients with their inner source. Auri leverages her experience as a community interventionist, behavior therapist and program director to teach breathing strategies and guided meditation for coping with stress, anxiety, and grief.

Currently sells art and teaches yoga, barre and meditation virtually and in-person (following recommended health procedures to prevent COVID-19) in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Auri believes that peace and enlightenment is possible for everyone.

Are you ready to model a saner, more conscious and sacred way to be in the world?” Prepare to embrace and embody the difference.


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