Reviving the River

“Ideas, creativity, life itself thrives on moisture.

Women Who Run With the Wolves

When women neglect their instinctual side- when we steal from our soul Selves and pimp it out to friends, colleagues, brands for cheap- when we deprive ourselves of creative function- when we deny honest help and rest, we are ignoring the soul’s call to come back to the water. 

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Replenishing the hearty, juicy, wildish nature means reclaiming our soul’s prized and sweet nectar. Submerging in to healing waters (lakes, rivers, oceans, salt baths, creeks), rising with the sun, swimming in the sound of silence and breath, getting the hands, knees, feet muddy, howling at the moon, unstructured play and fiddling, unscripted wailing, crying into the bosoms of trees, letting the sun kiss you- I mean really kiss you…

All of this helps us come back home; it helps us hear the inner wise, old woman and the inner exuberant, restless child all at the same time. When we say, “no that is enough logic and practicality for one day”. When we say, “no I’ve helped enough today”. When we relax the jaw and come back to a feeling of awe and wonder and delight, we are clearing the river and regenerating our natural flow of feminine water.

From here, our creative energies can be supple, lubricant, vibrant again. From here we dance with life and harmonize with nature. We were made from warm, wet, juicy things. We were birthed from a wild goodness.

We can always return home without having to prove anything. When will you go home to yourself? When will you revive your river? 

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