Private Yoga Experiences

Private yoga sessions offer you the opportunity to craft a personal yoga practice, develop emotionally and psychologically, experiment with new poses and techniques for healing and wellness. Take a look at the offerings available and select which option best responds to your needs. After you hit submit, I will reach out within 48 hours with an intake form, scheduling and payment information. Contact me if you have any doubts or questions.

Standard Yogi (6 sessions)

If you are looking to attend to your wellness, to remember how to enjoy breathing, if you are interested in practicing strength and flexibility, this package is for you.

Each session includes:

-Pranayama exercise, journaling, check in

-Asana (physical) practice, warm up, cool down

-Relaxation, meditation, growth planning

$333 (90 minutes/session)

Yogi Lite (1 session)

On the fence? Not sure how to start a yoga practice? Trying to understand why yoga is different than stretching? This is the perfect class for students who just a taste of an Auric Experience.

This session includes:

-Journaling, intention setting

-Asana (physical) practice, warm up, cool down

-Relaxation exercise and meditation

$60/session (90 minutes)

Yogi Supreme (All Access)

If you have been practicing yoga for a while and are looking to strengthen or revitalize your practice, if you feel led to learn more about yoga principles, are more curious about how to “live yoga” and practice more complex poses, this package is for you.

We will study together over 6 months. We will explore spirituality, yoga principles and breathwork to a deeper extent. All sessions will include:

-Intention setting, social emotional check in

-Asana (physical) practice, warm up, cool down

-Video recording, nutrition plan, free group classes

-Weekly check in

-Relaxation exercise, meditation, homework

$2,000 (90 minutes/session)

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She has the unique ability to take a hard task and make it fun and easy, and most of all, rewarding. She is gifted at Hatha, breath work and guiding meditation…the combination of her talent, wit, passion, and determination (and humor too!) are rare to find these days. She is a true gem and I would recommend her highly.

— Sandy Sechang

Auri teaches from the heart and is exceptionally insightful. She is a woman of compassion, understanding, courage, and integrity. I confidently recommend the professional services Auri has to offer.

— Cristyna Deas

Auric is such a gift and played such a significant role in getting my life back on track. Before working with her, I was one of those people who didn’t think I was capable of meditating and assumed I wasn’t flexible enough to practice yoga. Not only did she make me feel confident in myself, but she also created a genuine desire within me to tap in and connect. Every session was a little different and even more beautiful than the last. I could feel the weight leaving my body each time, and I came out stronger than before. I’m so excited to continue these fantastic experiences in the new year as well.

— Chanita Simms