4C: My Clingy Love

My hair

She grows clockwise

(And sometimes counter)

Because she’s got a custom relationship with time.

My hair

She reaches upwards

(And sometimes away from you)

Because her and gravity have a soft understanding,

Because she is kin to the light.

My hair

She never shrinks, she clings

Because she wants to be connected

Because she and I share ancient language and affection.

She never shrinks

Because genetically, she don’t flinch

It’ll take you twelve pounds of ecostyler, 450 degrees Fahrenheit, 175 rubber bands, Ammonium thioglycolate , 28 broken combs, 3 Madam CJs for her to relax her grip on me.

She ain’t lettin me go. She clings

To me and all my foreseeable futures

Because she has always liked me with a high opinion

(although sometimes foolishly unrequited).

Because she is my love.

She will still sprout day after day long after my body releases its grip on me. 

She is my everlasting metaphor-

representing me always and lovingly clinging to me.

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